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Neil Rerup

True CyberSecurity is preparing for what's next, not what was last - Neil Rerup

Neil Rerup is a leading cybersecurity expert and strategic IT security advisor to many of North America’s most important companies, utilities, and other entities requiring cutting edge systems and processes to protect their intellectual property, business information, and customer data.

An enterprise security architect and cybersecurity entrepreneur, Neil Rerup is the founder/CEO of Vancouver-based Enterprise CyberSecurity Architects (ECSA), where he leads a strategy team that designs and implements IT security defenses, provides IT security architectural services, and otherwise supports the cybersecurity defense efforts of enterprise clients.

A frequent speaker on cyber threats from expert hackers, global criminal enterprises, hostile nation states, as well as security risks from inside a firm’s own walls, Neil is known for forecasting the next IT security threats and devising effective defense strategies to foil even the most sophisticated cyber attacks. A highly rated speaker on IT security subjects, Neil has a unique ability to explain technology in a business-friendly manner and to translate business requirements into necessarily complex tech-speak.

Neil Rerup is the author of CyberPeril, the Devastating Potential of CyberSecurity Threats to Companies and Economies, scheduled for December 2013 release (Sutton Hart).

Neil lives in Vancouver, BC and serves clients across Canada and the United States. He blogs at


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