Neil RerupEnterprise Security Architect

Neil Rerup is a cybersecurity entrepreneur and IT security futurist.

As founder of Vancouver-based Enterprise CyberSecurity Architects (ECSA), Neil leads a strategy team that designs systems and processes to protect intellectual property, business information and customer data for some of North America’s leading companies, utilities, and government programs.

A frequent speaker on cyber threats ranging from simple hackers to hostile nation states, cybersecurity expert Neil Rerup is known for seeing around corners to anticipate the next IT security threat while devising effective defenses against organized criminal IT incursions and foiling other IT security risks.

Neil is the author of CyberPeril, the Devastating Potential of CyberSecurity Threats to Companies and Economies (and what to do about them), scheduled for December 2013 release (Sutton Hart).

Silicon Valley meets Sun Tzu in this new breed of general fighting the cyber wars - Interview Platform Magazine 
CyberPeril by Neil Rerup

CyberPeril, the Devastating Potential of CyberSecurity Threats to Companies and Economies

Physical terrorism captures the headlines but an equally devastating war wages daily against legions of hackers, well funded criminal organizations and powerful nation states. In CyberPeril, author neil Rerup spotlights...

Neil's Company Enterprise CyberSecurity Architects (ECSA)
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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Unfortunate Predictability of Adobe's Cyber Hack and Data...

Adobe announced today that there was an unauthorized access to Customer information as well as access to the source code of their products. And, while...

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